The world of vaping can be a daunting and scary place for newcomers and the amount of vape specific wording and vocabulary is ever growing. We’ve created this handy vaping jargon buster to help those just starting, and even experienced vapers, as new slang terms crop up regularly.

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18650 – A size of rechargeable battery that is used commonly in modified electronic cigarettes.


All Day Vape (ADV) – An e-liquid that is a personal preference over others for an individual. Could vape it all day without growing tired of it.

Analogue – Refers to traditional tobacco cigarettes, used as a distinction between combustible cigarettes and technological electronic cigarettes.

Advanced Personal Vaporiser (APV) – Has more features over a personal vaporiser. Variable voltage, variable wattage, a screen to display information, as a few examples.

Amperage (AMPS) – Measurement of the strength in an electrical current. The lower the amps, the less capable the electrical circuit is in handling higher power outputs.

Atomiser – A component within an electronic cigarette that contains the heating coil and wick or metal mesh. It vaporises the e-liquid. They are suited for those who prefer dripping.


Battery – Provides power for the heating element and other electrical components in an electronic cigarette. Most batteries are rechargeable. The size and capacity of a battery can affect how long an electronic cigarette can last for.

Box Mod – A mod, personal vaporiser or advanced personal vaporiser that is similar in shape to a box.

Bricks & Mortar (B&M) – A physical store where customers can purchase electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and related accessories.


Cartomiser – Similar in design to atomisers however, they are generally bigger and contain absorbent material wrapped around the heating coil. The material absorbs the e-liquid and allows for longer inhalations.

Cartridge – A pre-filled metal or plastic container of e-liquid that can be vaped instantly. They cannot be refilled but are easier to carry and have a significantly smaller chance of spilling. They are generally used in closed system electronic cigarettes.

Clearomiser (Tank) – Commonly referred to as a tank and are the most popular devices. They feature a clear plastic or glass container for e-liquid, and liquid is transferred from the container to the heating coil by wick.

Charger – A electronic device used to recharge batteries for electronic cigarettes. Usually comes in the form of a USB or mains socket adapter.

Closed System Electronic Cigarette – Often referred to as cig-a-likes, they use disposable cartridges that are pre-filled with e-liquid and attach directly onto the electronic cigarette battery.

Cloud Chasing – A common term used within vaping culture. It is the act of producing and exhaling large amounts of vapour. Often performed in a competitive form.

Coil – The heating element of an electronic cigarette, used to transform e-liquid into vapour.

Custom Mod – An advanced personal vaporiser, or personal vaporiser that is a limited edition make or handmade. Generally difficult to obtain or purchase.


De-wick – The act of removing the absorbent material from an atomiser, cartomiser or clearomiser.

Draw – A term used for inhaling vapour. Depending on personal preference, vapers will take longer or shorter inhalations. There are also two different methods of inhaling vapour: mouth hits and lung hits.

Dripping – The act of dripping drops of e-liquid directly onto an atomiser, many claim this method produces the best flavour and vapour production.

Drip Tip – An electronic cigarette mouthpiece accessory with a wide enough opening to allow drops of e-liquid to be dripped directly onto the atomiser, cartomiser or clearomiser without having to remove the lid.

Dry Burn – The act of heating the coil while the wick has not absorbed any e-liquid, and the user is not inhaling. Done intentionally to burn off any impurities the wick might have.

Dry Hit – The unintentional result of allowing a wick to become dry and producing a terrible, burnt taste which is inhaled by the user.

Direct to Lung – The act of inhaling vapour straight into your lungs, essentially the same action as normal breathing. Direct to lung can provide a stronger throat hit and is the better method for vapour cloud production, at the sacrifice for flavour.


Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigs) – Also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, vaporisers and cig-a-likes. A better and healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes use flavoured liquid that can contain nicotine, that is vaporised when inhaled. They come in many different forms and liquid for them is just as varied.

E-Liquid – Also known as e-juice, vape juice or liquid. It is the liquid component of an electronic cigarette; they often contain nicotine and is vaporised before being inhaled by the user. E-liquid is available in a wide variety of flavours, nicotine strengths and types. They usually consist of flavourings, vegetable glycerine and/or propylene glycol and may or may not contain nicotine.

European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) – Also known as EUTPD, is the legislation that was introduced in 2016 for European union states and aims to improve the functioning and quality of tobacco and related products, such as electronic cigarettes.


Flavour Ghosting – When switching from one e-liquid to another, sometimes the flavour of the previous e-liquid can still be tasted with the new one. This can be avoided by using separate atomisers, cartomisers and clearomisers, or thoroughly cleaning the current atomiser, cartomiser or clearomiser before switching.

Flooding – Occurs when too much e-liquid is put into an atomiser, cartomiser or clearomiser and the liquid gets into the mouthpiece. This can inhibit vapour production and, in some cases, cause hot liquid to spit into your mouth during inhalation.


mAh – An abbreviation for milliamp-hour, is used to refer to the amount of charge or capacity transferred with a steady current of one amp for an hour. It is used as an indication of how powerful a battery is.

Mechanical Mod – A low tech variation of an electronic cigarette. They do not contain any sophisticated wiring or electronics. They generally consist of a battery, battery connectors, a mechanical switch and connector for an atomiser, cartomiser or clearomiser.

Milligram (Mg) – A metric unit of weight that is equal to 1/1000 of a gram. Milligrams are used as a measurement of how much nicotine is present within one millilitre of e-liquid.

Millilitre (Ml) – A metric unit of volume that is equal to 1/1000 of a litre. Also known as a cubic centimetre.

Mod – Abbreviation for modification, used commonly to refer to an electronic cigarette that is not a cig-a-like.

Mouthpiece – The top opening of an electronic cigarette that the user inhales from. Mouthpieces are usually in the form of a drip tip or are attached to a cartridge/clearomiser.

Mouth to Lung – The act of inhaling vapour into the mouth, holding briefly, then pulling down into your lungs before exhaling. This method is more commonly used by new vapers and those who used to smoke traditional cigarettes.


Nicotine – Nicotine is a naturally occurring compound found in a variety plants in the nightshade family however, it is also produced synthetically. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and has many known side effects, especially in high doses. Nicotine is commonly found in cigarettes and electronic cigarettes at various strengths.


Ohm (Ω) – Ohm is the measurement of electrical resistance. The lower the resistance, the bigger amount of electrical current can flow through. In electronic cigarettes, a lower resistance allows for a higher wattage, resulting in quicker heating of the coil.

Open System Electronic Cigarette – Often referred to as vape pens, the main difference between a closed system electronic cigarette and an open system electronic cigarette is how e-liquid is delivered to the atomiser. Open system electronic cigarettes can be disassembled and refilled manually, whereas a closed system cannot.


Propylene Glycol (PG) – One of the key ingredients that is used in e-liquids, propylene glycol is a pharmacy grade diluent and is used widely in the production of plastics and food. Propylene glycol is believed to provide a better throat hit, greater flavour production and due to its thinner consistency, is less likely to clog up electronic cigarettes, compared to vegetable glycerine.

Personal vaporiser (PV) – Another name for an electronic cigarette, these simpler devices, compared to an advanced personal vaporiser, are usually intended for those that are new to vaping, as they provide the basic functionality.


Rebuildable Atomiser (RBA) – An atomiser with flexibility and personalisation in mind, they can be completely disassembled to allow easy cleaning, servicing and changing of components. Such as coils and wick material.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser (RDA) – A variant of a rebuildable atomiser that is intended for e-liquid dripping however, rebuildable atomiser and rebuildable dripping atomiser are used interchangeably.

Rebuildable Tank Atomiser (RTA) – A variant of a rebuildable atomiser this is intended for the convenience of vaping an e-liquid for a longer period before having to refill or change.


Steeping – The act of allowing an e-liquid time to settle after production and before usage. Steeping is believed to allow greater flavour development for e-liquids with a higher ratio of vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol.

Sub Ohm – Refers to using atomisers and other components that have an Ohm resistance lower than 1.

Sub-Ohming – An activity of experienced vapers, that involves using sub-Ohm rated equipment to increase the wattage on their devices to produce large clouds of vapour.


Tank – Also known as clearomisers.

Throat Hit – The sensation experienced at the back of the throat when a traditional or electronic cigarette user inhales. E-liquids with a higher ratio of propylene glycol provide a better, more satisfying throat hit compared to higher ratios of vegetable glycerine.


Vaper – Used commonly to refer to someone that uses an electronic cigarette.

Vaping – The act of inhaling and exhaling vapour from an electronic cigarette. It can also refer to the use of electronic cigarettes.

Vapour – The cloud-like production that comes from an electronic cigarette. Vapour is very small liquid droplets that evaporate over time. Vapour can be inhaled by mouth to lung, or direct to lung methods.

Vaper’s Tongue – A dry sensation on the tongue that can be experienced after vaping for a period. It can also cause your sense of taste to diminish. It can easily be fixed by changing your e-liquid to something completely different or having a drink of cold water.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – Another key ingredient that is used in e-liquids and is also a pharmacy grade diluent. It is used commonly in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Vegetable glycerine is sweeter than propylene glycol, which can have an affect on flavour. It is also thicker than propylene glycol, so is more likely to clog up an electronic cigarette without regular maintenance. Vegetable glycerine however provides much larger plumes of vapour in comparison to propylene glycol.


Wattage (Watts) – A measurement of electrical power consumed by a device, such as an electronic cigarette. A higher wattage in an electronic cigarette can produce more heat, allowing for quicker vaporisation of the e-liquid.

Wick – An absorbent material used in electronic cigarettes, they convey e-liquid from itself or from a clearomiser to the coil. Wicks come in a variety of different materials, such as silica and cotton.