We’re constantly thinking of ways to save our customers time and money, our new subscription service allows you to sign up to recieve a weekly or monthly order automatically while saving 5% in the process!

We’ve tried to make the feature as seemless as possible, but if for any reason you have any issues please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below, if you’re still experiencing issues you can contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

You select your e-liquid, we offer to send it weekly or monthly for 5% off.

The choice is yours. You can add as many options to your subscription as you like and receive them as often as it suits.

The only things we don’t offer this service with is merchandise/hardware.

You save 5% on your order total, which means if you have 100ml of juice a week you could be saving £52 a year!

What’s better, you don’t need to spend time returning to the website each time your e-liquid runs out. You can trust that you already have some on the way before the bottle is empty (if you choose your frequency that way!)

It does not apply to Nicotize as this item is already discounted to 1p when purchased with shortfills (1 bottle for 50ml and 2 bottles for 100ml shortfills).

The subscription is weekly or monthly, totally your choice. Simply choose your option when adding the product to your basket.

That is completely up to you, have as little o