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The Zeus Group was founded when the owner, Paul Curtis, wanted to quit smoking as cigarette prices were increasing, and to improve his health. Since then, our all-day-vape e-liquids have become the elixir of life for Paul, and thousands of others. By quitting smoking and making the switch to vaping, they have all improved their health greatly and saved money.

There has never been such a better time to make the switch to vaping, and quit smoking. Come and get your own elixir of life!

These kits have been carefully selected to provide an excellent starting point in helping you make the switch to vaping. Click on each product to view their full details.


Menthol flavours are perfect for someone looking for that throaty hit. Complex flavours infused with menthol that are exhilarating with a cooling sensation. They are a speciality of Zeus Juice, our premium e-liquid brand. You’ll be hooked on our Black Reloaded, Dimpleberry and Menthol Blast flavours.


Tobacco flavours assist with translation from smoking to vaping by providing a familiar flavour profile to cigarettes but without the negative effects! We have a tobacco flavour that is so amazing, it’s all you should ever need. Tobacco blended with caramel, and infused with hints of chocolate and vanilla. ZY4 is unrivaled, and award-winning.


Quitting smoking is difficult, we all understand that, so dessert flavours offer that little reward mechanism as a well done for every resisted craving! We have a selection of classic desserts that are absolutely delicious. You can’t go wrong with Apple Pie and Death by Bunny.

Drinks & Cocktails

Usually where new vapers like to begin when making the switch to vaping. Flavours that are smooth, sweet and familiar. Why not give our Atlantis or Banana Milkshake a try? With many smokers starting in their youngest years, replacing cigarettes with a nostalgic flavour such as banana milkshake is often successful in aiding quitting.


Fruits are the perfect change to smoking, as your taste buds come back to life during the quitting process, rewarding them with fruity, fresh flavours makes switching to vaping more appealing with every single use! We’ve got some exquisite flavours bursting with sumptuous fruit. Classics such as Mango & Passionfruit, and Lemon & Lime, we’ve also got exclusive mixes such as Dodoberry & Grape Fizz.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, these delectable flavours will satisfy your craving, without ruining your teeth! Sweet flavours make fantastic distractions on your palate to help fight cigarette cravings. We’ve got your childhood favourites covered with Black Jack, and our award-winning Rhubarb & Custard.

Basics of vaping

Simplified, vaping consists of two components, an e-cigarette and e-liquid, when used together they produce vapour. E-cigarettes come in all shapes, sizes and vary in features but all fundamentally do the same thing. E-liquid is placed within the tank/pod and a battery in the e-cigarette provides power to a heating element. When heat is applied, the liquid is vapourised which is then inhaled.

Why vape?

There are numerous reasons as to why someone may decide to start vaping. The most popular reason is making the switch to vaping as it’s a much healthier alternative to smoking, vaping has been found to be 95% less harmful than smoking. Vaping is also used as a method to help quit smoking completely and is much more successful than other methods using nicotine replacement, such as patches or gum.

What does our e-liquid contain?

Our e-liquids only contain three or four ingredients. Propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), food-grade flavourings and optionally, nicotine. Our products are available in different ratios of PG & VG. 50PG/50VG which is ideal for those making the switch to vaping, and is available in our standard 10ml and nic salt ranges. Our other ratio of 30PG/70VG is intended for more advanced users and hardware. Our 30PG/70VG ratio is available in our standard 10mls and shortfills.

Nicotine is only available in 10ml bottles, inline with the Tobacco Products Directive, that has been in place since 2016. As such, our shortfill products do not contain nicotine, however they have room to add our Nicotize nicotine shot which you can add in and mix yourself.

How much nicotine should I use?

This varies for each person and their preferences. The easiest way of determing how much you need is on how many cigarettes you would smoke in a day.

  • Smoke more than 25 cigarettes a day: 18mg/ml and 20mg/ml should be where you start. Our 20mg nic salts are a perfect starting ground.
  • Smoke between 15 and 25 cigarettes a day: 12mg/ml to 15mg/ml would be better suited for you. We offer 10ml’s in 12mg/ml for you.
  • Smoke between 5 and 15 cigarettes a day: 6mg/ml to 10mg/ml are what you should look at. We offer standard 10mls in 6mg and nic salts in 10mg.
  • Smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day or are a social smoker: Anything less than 3mg/ml would be ideal for you. We provide 10mls in 3mg and our shortfill products with 18mg nicotine shots provide 3mg.

If you ever experience nausea, headaches, insomnia or increased heart rate, to name a few, you’re most likely consuming too much nicotine and should use a smaller nicotine strength.