Benefits of switching to vaping

Health, wealth and wellbeing is the defining triumvirate behind quitting smoking for good.  But if their powers of persuasion aren’t enough for you then take a look at our reasons why you should choose Zeus to replace your conventional cigarettes.  



We all know the health implications associated with smoking conventional cigarettes and inhaling tobacco smoke deep into your lungs is the biggest cause of preventable death and disease in the UK.  Cancers, heart failure and strokes can all be the result of inhaling the 7000 toxins that are released when tobacco burns and there are many other lesser known knock on effects including oral hygiene, skin health and circulation.  Switching to vaping removes the toxicity of tobacco, gives you the controlled nicotine hit that you crave and according to The Royal College of Physicians that represents over 35,000 doctors worldwide, is at least 95% safer than smokingIt’s a win-win.  



Switching to vaping is much more pocket-friendly than the tobacco alternative. From our accessible starter-kits to a wide range of juices that suit all tastes and funds, there is a Zeus vapour product available for you, no matter what your budget. And did you know, if you choose Zeus juices as your replacement, the average one-pack a day smoker will save around £90 per week.  It’s time to flash that extra cash.  



Imagine how godlike you will feel mentally and emotionally when you finally wave goodbye to your 20-a-day habit.  Driven by achievement and pride, you will experience an immense sense of wellbeing through your new approach to a healthier, wealthier way of life that you will see filtering through other elements of your being.  A positive change is as good as a rest.   



One of the biggest advantages of vaping is that you and your environment will not smell of the lingering smoke that stubbornly clings to your clothes, hands and breath. Vaping may have a slight aroma from the flavours used, be that fruityminty or sweetbut the scent is barely noticeable, doesn’t hang around and is generally less offensive to those passing by.  



Unlike conventional cigarettes, vaping gives you full control over your nicotine dosage. Zeus e-liquids are available in a range of strengths from totally nicotine free, to low to high, leaving the level of your nicotine hit entirely in your own hands.  Social smokers looking for an alternative will find satisfaction in a lower mg strength, while heavy cigarette smokers switching to vaping should curb their cravings with a higher strength. Try them out and see which one hits the spot.  



Zeus e-juices are packed full of flavour that last all day.  Available in three different ranges with a powerful punch; Zeus JuiceMyth Juice or Nicotine Shotyou can choose from a perfect palate of zesty fruit flavours to fresh menthol, heavenly cocktails to delicious desserts. Furthermore, switching to vaping means you are likely to improve your sense of taste and smell.